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Chapter 12. Access and the Web > Working with a Data Access Page in Design View - Pg. 433

Access and the Web 433 10. 11. In the toolbox, make sure that the Control Wizards button is enabled. In the field list, click the plus sign (+) beside Tasks. Select the fields TaskName, Status, Priority, StartDate, and DueDate. (You can hold down the Ctrl key and click each field name to select the group.) Drag the fields to the data access page, dropping them at the top left corner of the page design grid. You'll see the Layout Wizard, shown here: 12. As we mentioned, the Layout Wizard, in addition to the columnar format that's used by the Page Wizard, provides options for designing a data access page in a tabular format or as a PivotTable, PivotChart, or Office Spreadsheet. The last three items use Office Web Compo- nents to display data on a data access page. Select the Tabular option in the Layout Wizard, and then click OK. As you can see here, the fields in the query are added to the data access page. A Caption area that includes labels identifying each field is added above the section header.