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Chapter 12. Access and the Web > Creating a Data Access Page with the Page Wiza... - Pg. 425

Access and the Web 425 Like a form or a report, a data access page is organized in sections. Each section of a data access page has its own RecordSource property, which is displayed in the header that iden- tifies a section. The header also indicates by which field records are grouped. (In the data access page we've created in this procedure, the record source for each section is the tasks query.) You can add a footer to a grouped section--in this example, the Country and StartDate groups--as well as an area for labels and captions. To add a Caption or a Footer section, click on the arrow next to a header's label, and then choose the section you want from the list that's displayed. If you scroll toward the bottom of this page, you'll see the record navigation bars, shown here. By default, a data access page includes a record navigation bar for each grouping level (in- cluding the detail level). You can customize the navigation bars--adding or removing buttons and modifying the labels, for example--which we'll do in procedures later in this chapter.