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Using the Book’s CD-ROM

Using the Book’s CD-ROM

The CD-ROM included with this book contains all the practice files you’ll use as you work through the exercises in this book. By using practice files, you won’t waste time creating sample content with which to experiment—instead, you can jump right in and concentrate on learning how to use Microsoft Office Access 2003.

What’s On the CD-ROM?

In addition to the practice files, the CD-ROM contains some exciting resources that will really enhance your ability to get the most out of using this book and Access 2003, including the following:

  • Microsoft Office Access 2003 Step by Step in e-book format.

  • Insider’s Guide to Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 in e-book format.

  • Microsoft Office System Quick Reference in e-book format.

  • Introducing the Tablet PC in e-book format.

  • Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition in e-book format.

  • 25 business-oriented templates for use with programs in The Microsoft Office System.

  • 100 pieces of clip art.


The CD-ROM for this book does not contain the Access 2003 software. You should purchase and install that program before using this book.

Minimum System Requirements

To use this book, you will need:

  • Computer/Processor

    Computer with a Pentium 133-megahertz (MHz) or higher processor; Pentium III recommended

  • Memory

    64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended) plus an additional 8 MB of RAM for each program in The Microsoft Office System (such as Access) running simultaneously

  • Hard Disk

    • 245 MB of available hard disk space with 115 MB on the hard disk where the operating system is installed

    • An additional 20 MB of hard disk space is required for installing the practice files.

    Hard disk requirements will vary depending on configuration; custom installation choices may require more or less hard disk space

  • Operating System

    Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 (SP3) or Microsoft Windows XP or later

  • Drive

    CD-ROM drive

  • Display

    Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher-resolution monitor with 256 colors

  • Peripherals

    Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, or compatible pointing device

  • Software

    Microsoft Office Access 2003 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later


In order to complete some of the exercises in this book, you will need to install the Jet 4.0 Service Pack 7, which you can obtain from the Windows Update Web site at windowsupdate.microsoft.com.

Installing the Practice Files

You need to install the practice files on your hard disk before you use them in the chapters’ exercises. Follow these steps to prepare the CD’s files for your use:

Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive of your computer.

The Step by Step Companion CD End User License Agreement appears. Follow the on-screen directions. It is necessary to accept the terms of the license agreement in order to use the practice files. After you accept the license agreement, a menu screen appears.


If the menu screen does not appear, start Windows Explorer. In the left pane, locate the icon for your CD-ROM drive and click this icon. In the right pane, double-click the StartCD executable file.

Click Install Practice Files.

Click Next on the first screen, and then click Yes to accept the license agreement on the next screen.

If you want to install the practice files to a location other than the default folder (My Documents\Microsoft Press\Access 2003 SBS), click the Browse button, select the new drive and path, and then click OK.

Click Next on the Choose Destination Location screen, click Next on the Select Features screen, and then click Next on the Start Copying Files screen to install the selected practice files.

After the practice files have been installed, click Finish.

Within the installation folder are subfolders for each chapter in the book.

Close the Step by Step Companion CD window, remove the CD-ROM from the CD-ROM drive, and return it to the envelope at the back of the book.

Using the Practice Files

Each exercise is preceded by a paragraph or paragraphs that list the files needed for that exercise and explains any file preparation you need to take care of before you start working through the exercise, as shown here:

BE SURE TO start Word before beginning this exercise.

USE the TrackChange document in the practice file folder for this topic. This practice file is located in the My Documents\Microsoft Press\Office 2003 SBS\Collaborating\Tracking folder and can also be accessed by clicking Start/All Programs/Microsoft Press/Office 2003 Step by Step.

OPEN the TrackChange document.

Usually you will be instructed to open the practice files from within the application in which you are working. However, you can also access the files directly from Windows by clicking the Start menu items indicated. Locate the file in the chapter subfolder and then double-click the file to open it.

The following table lists each chapter’s practice files.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Microsoft Access 2003KnowAccessOpenGardenCo
Chapter 2: Creating a New DatabaseCreateNewCheckDBContacts
Chapter 3: Getting Information Into and Out of a DatabaseImportingImportExcelGardenCo Customers
  ImportDTextGardenCo Employees
  ImportFTextGardenCo Suppliers
  ImportAccessGardenCo Products
  ImportDbaseGardenCo Shippers
  ImportHTMLGardenCo NewCust
  ImportXMLGardenCo Orders OrderDetails
  LinkGardenCo LinkDatabase LinkWorksheet
Chapter 4: Simplifying Data Entry with FormsFormsFormByWizGardenCo
Chapter 5: Locating Specific InformationQueriesSortGardenCo
Chapter 6: Keeping Your Information AccurateAccurateFieldSizeField Test
  InputMaskField Test
  ValRulesField Test
  LookupField Test
Chapter 7: Working with ReportsReportsRepByWizGardenCo
Chapter 8: Making It Easy for Others to Use Your DatabaseSwitchbrdSBManagerGardenCo
Chapter 9: Keeping Your Information SecureSecureEncryptGardenCo
Chapter 10: Working with Pages and ModulesPgsModsStaticGardenCo

Uninstalling the Practice Files

After you finish working through this book, you should uninstall the practice files to free up hard disk space.

On the Windows taskbar, click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.

In Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs.

In the list of installed programs, click Microsoft Office Access 2003 Step By Step, and then click the Remove or Change/Remove button.

In the Uninstall dialog box, click OK.

After the files are uninstalled, click Finish, and then close the Add or Remove Programs window and Control Panel.


If you need additional help installing or uninstalling the practice files, please see “Getting Help” earlier in this book. Microsoft Product Support Services does not provide support for this book or its CD-ROM.

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