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Microsoft Office Specialist Skill Standards

Microsoft Office Specialist Skill Standards

Each Microsoft Office Specialist certification has a set of corresponding skill standards that describe areas of individual, Microsoft Office program use. You should master each skill standard to prepare for the corresponding Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam.

This book will fully prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification at the Specialist level. Throughout this book, content that pertains to a Microsoft Office Specialist skill standard is identified with the logo shown in the margin.

AC03S-1Structuring Databases 
AC03S-1-1Create Access databases32, 41
AC03S-1-2Create and modify tables41, 44, 51
AC03S-1-3Define and create field types44, 146, 160
AC03S-1-4Modify field properties150, 152
AC03S-1-5Create and modify one-to-many relationships106
AC03S-1-6Enforce referential integrity106
AC03S-1-7Create and modify queries129, 138, 166
AC03S-1-8Create forms84, 104
AC03S-1-9Add and modify form controls and properties86, 95
AC03S-1-10Create reports176, 186
AC03S-1-11Add and modify report control properties180
AC03S-1-12Create a data access page283
AC03S-2Entering Data 
AC03S-2-1Enter, edit and delete records36, 170
AC03S-2-2Find and move among records6
AC03S-2-3Import data to Access58, 61, 63, 66, 68, 69, 71
AC03S-3Organizing Data 
AC03S-3-1Create and modify calculated fields and aggregate functions129, 140
AC03S-3-2Modify form layout92, 95, 186
AC03S-3-3Modify report layout and page setup191
AC03S-3-4Format datasheets51
AC03S-3-5Sort records118, 126
AC03S-3-6Filter records121, 123
AC03S04Managing Databases 
AC03S-4-1Identify and modify object dependencies217
AC03S-4-2View objects and object data in other views197
AC03S-4-3Print database objects and data22, 197
AC03S-4-4Export data from Access73
AC03S-4-5Back up a database238
AC03S-4-6Compact and repair databases217

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