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Chapter 6. Importing and Linking Data > A Word About Open Database Connectivity... - Pg. 164

164 Chapter 6. Importing and Linking Data A Word About Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Importing vs. Linking Database Files Importing Data and Databases Importing Spreadsheet Data Importing Text Files Modifying Imported TablesModifying Imported Tables Linking Files 179 181 182 192 199 208 208 You can certainly build all your tables, design queries, forms, and reports, and then enter from scratch all the data into your empty tables. However, in many cases you'll have some of the data you need lying around in other files. For example, you might have a customer list in a spreadsheet or a text file. Your list of products might be in another non-Access database file. Microsoft Access provides tools to help you bring the data into your new application.