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Chapter 26. Creating Static and Dynamic ... > Creating a Static HTML Document

Creating a Static HTML Document

The simplest way to publish data from your database to a Web page is to export the data as a simple, static HTML file. This type of file presents a snapshot of your data at the time you create the HTML file. To refresh the data on your Web page, you’ll have to repeat the export process each time you want to present fresh data. You can use the export tools in Access to export data from a table, query, form, or report, but with some limitations. Table 26-1 on the next page lists these objects and the options you have when you export them to HTML.

Table 26-1. Export to HTML for Access Objects
ObjectData ExportedComments
TableTable datasheetAccess attempts to duplicate any formatting that you have applied to the datasheet (font, gridlines). You can also specify a template file to enhance the final output. The table name appears as a caption in the exported HTML table.
QueryQuery datasheetSame as a table. When you export a parameter query, Access prompts you for the parameters and exports the result of fetching the data after resolving the parameter values.
FormThe recordset for the outer formSame as a table except you control formatting by setting the format of the form's Datasheet view. Access will not export data in any subform.
ReportThe data displayed in the reportAccess attempts to duplicate the format of the report, but does not output any line or rectangle controls. Access also exports any data in any subreport. Access exports the report one page at a time. It assigns the file name you specify for the first page and appends PageN (where N is the subsequent page number) for the second through last pages. You can specify a template file to enhance the overall appearance of the exported pages. You can include information in the template to ask Access to generate links to the various pages of the report.



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