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Chapter 17. Building Tables in an Access... > Creating Additional Tables in Contac...

Creating Additional Tables in Contact Tracking

So far, we’ve discussed how to build the Companies table in an Access project. Before you can define constraints and relationships, you’ll need to build several more tables. Let’s start by building the Contacts table and the CompanyContacts table. Table 17-4 shows you the columns you need for the Contacts table.

Table 17-4. Column Definitions for the Contacts Table
Column NameData TypeLengthAllow NullsDescription
ContactIDint4NoUnique contact ID
LastNamenvarchar50NoLast name
FirstNamenvarchar50YesFirst name
MiddleInitnvarchar1YesMiddle initial
Titlenvarchar10YesPerson title
Suffixnvarchar10YesPerson suffix (Jr., Sr., II, etc.)
ContactTypenvarchar50YesDescription of the contact type
BirthDatedatetime8YesBirth date
DefaultAddresssmallint2YesSpecify Work or Home as the default address
WorkStateOrProvincenvarchar20YesState or Province
WorkPostalCodenvarchar20YesPostal/Zip code
WorkPhonenvarchar30YesWork phone
WorkExtensionnvarchar20YesPhone extension
WorkFaxNumbernvarchar30YesFax number
HomeStateOrProvincenvarchar20YesState or Province
HomePostalCodenvarchar20YesPostal/Zip code
HomePhonenvarchar30YesHome phone
MobilePhonenvarchar30YesMobile phone
EmailNamentext16YesE-mail name
Websitentext16YesWeb site address
Photoimage16YesPhoto of contact
SpouseNamenvarchar75YesSpouse name
SpouseBirthDatedatetime8YesSpouse birth date
CommissionPercentfloat8YesCommission when referencing a sale
Inactivebit1NoContact is inactive



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