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Part 2: Building a Microsoft Access Desk... > Creating Your Database and Tables

Chapter 4. Creating Your Database and Tables

Creating a New Database86
Creating Your First Simple Table by Entering Data92
Creating a Table Using the Table Wizard94
Creating a Table in Design View100
Defining Fields100
Defining a Primary Key118
Defining a Table Validation Rule118
Understanding Other Table Properties121
Defining Relationships123
Adding Indexes130
Setting Table Design Options133
Printing a Table Definition136
Database Limitations137

After you design the tables for your database, defining them in a Microsoft Access desktop database (.mdb file) is incredibly easy. This chapter shows you how it’s done. You’ll learn how to

  • Create a new database application using a database template

  • Create a new empty database for your own custom application

  • Create a simple table by entering data directly in the table

Get a jump start on defining custom tables by using the Table Wizard to

  • Define your own tables from scratch by using table Design view

  • Select the best data type for each field

  • Define the primary key for your table

  • Set validation rules for your fields and tables

  • Tell Access what relationships to maintain between your tables

  • Optimize data retrieval by adding indexes

  • Set options that affect how you work in table Design view

  • Print a table definition


All the screen images in this chapter were taken on a Windows XP system with the display theme set to Windows XP.

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