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Chapter 20. Security > System Stored Procedures for Users and Roles - Pg. 358

Security Constant CREATE FUNCTION CREATE PROCEDURE CREATE RULE CREATE TABLE CREATE VIEW Description Permits the creation of user-defined functions (SQL Server 2000 only) Permits the creation of stored procedures Permits the creation of rules Permits the creation of tables Permits the creation of views 358 System Stored Procedures for Users and Roles SQL Server/MSDE provides numerous system stored procedures you can use to create, delete, and edit server login names, database user names, server roles, database roles, and so on. You can use these system stored procedures in your stored procedures, forms, reports, and VBA programs. Table 20-5 and Table 20-6 list the most important system stored procedures. After the tables we introduce a form that provides information about server login names, server roles, data- base user names, database roles, and so on. Note The naming syntax for system stored procedures and their parameters always suppresses the second of two identical successive letters. For example, loginname with a double n becomes loginame with a single n . Table 20-5. System Stored Procedures for Logins and Server Roles System Stored Procedure Description