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Chapter 3. Installation > Installing MSDE 2000 - Pg. 24

Installation 24 When installing SQL Server 2000, the data access components of MDAC 2.6 are also installed. See the section entitled "Running SQL Server/MSDE," later in this chapter, for further information. SQL Server 2000 recognizes two different types of license: per seat or per processor. In the Choose Licensing Mode dialog box, shown in Figure 3-8, enter the license variant that applies to you. Figure 3-8. Selecting the type of license You have now entered all the specifications required for installation, and SQL Server 2000 will now be installed. For more details, see "Running SQL Server/MSDE," later in this chapter. Installing MSDE 2000 MSDE 2000 is part of Microsoft Office XP. If you install Office XP-MSDE-Version (\MSDE \Setup.exe), then you have no other configuration options. The Service Manager program call is included in the Start menu, under Programs, AutoStart. This calls the Service Manager automati- cally. Installing SQL Server 7 You can start the SQL Server 7 installation process with the SETUP.EXE program in the file \Sql \x86\Setup or place the CD-ROM in your computer to start the installation program automatically. After the initial screens of the setup program, you will see the Select Install Method dialog box displayed in Figure 3-9, where you select the required installation option. The Local Install option installs SQL Server on the computer from which the setup program was started. The Remote Install option allows you to install SQL Server on a remote computer.