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Chapter 6. Database Diagrams > Editing Tables - Pg. 57

Database Diagrams 57 Saving the Database Diagram When you save the database diagram, Access creates the appropriate SQL commands to modify tables and relationships. The database diagram is not saved if the new definitions cannot be applied to the existing data. With relationships, for example, you can specify whether existing data is sub- sequently to be verified or not and whether the new defined foreign key names are sufficient. The definition of the actual database diagram is stored in Microsoft SQL Server/MSDE. A database can have several database diagrams. Editing Tables Tables can be edited directly in the diagram using the shortcut menu displayed in Figure 6-2. Select one of the following display options on the shortcut menu for a table: · · · · · Column Properties shows all the columns in the table design. Column Names is the default shown. Keys displays only the names of the indexed fields. Name Only shows only the title bar of the table in question. Custom View lets you assemble any design columns for display in the window.