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Part: II Modifying Templates and Databases > Importing and Exporting Data

Hour 11. Importing and Exporting Data

What You'll Learn in This Hour:

  • About Data Sharing— This section explains the basics about data sharing, including tips for not letting your data be held hostage by applications that can't export it.

  • File Formats— FileMaker supports a wide variety of file formats in addition to its own. This section describes each one.

  • Importing Data into FileMaker— Here is a step-by-step guide to importing data (in this case, loading contact information into the Contact Manager template).

  • Replacing and Updating Data with Match Fields— FileMaker allows you to import data and integrate it with existing data.

  • Converting Excel Spreadsheets to FileMaker Databases— FileMaker can open Excel spreadsheets and convert them automatically to databases.

  • Exporting Data from FileMaker— When you export data, you can control what data is exported as well as how it is formatted.

  • Importing from a Folder— You can use FileMaker to import several files from a single folder with one command.

In this hour, you'll see how to move data into and out of FileMaker. By using the tools described in this hour, you'll easily be able to populate many of the FileMaker templates with your own data gleaned from other sources. In this hour, for example, you'll see how to use the Contact Manager template to organize data that you have entered in products such as the address books in email programs or PDAs.



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