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Hour 9. Working with Scripts

What You'll Learn in This Hour:

  • About Scripts— This section explains the basic concepts and terminology.

  • Using ScriptMaker— FileMaker's built-in scripting tool, ScriptMaker, provides a simple point-and-click way of creating scripts without having to understand all the syntax and type detailed commands.

  • Create a New Script— Here's how to start from scratch with a new script.

  • Look at a Simple Script— Here's how to read a script.

  • Script Step Categories— ScriptMaker organizes script steps into categories; they are summarized here.

  • Script Steps and the Web— More script steps than ever are available to users accessing FileMaker databases with browsers.

  • Use Comments in a Complex Script— Comments keep your scripts useful long after you've forgotten what you did, why you did it, or how you figured out the solution to a problem.

  • Attaching Scripts to Layout Elements— Anything can be a button if you attach a script to it.

  • Handling Errors in Scripts— One of the most powerful features of scripts is that you can intercept and handle errors before they come to a user's attention.

  • Running Scripts Automatically When Files Are Opened or Closed— See how to clean up databases before and after you and other users have “improved” them.

By writing FileMaker scripts, you can greatly extend the usefulness of FileMaker and your solutions. For frequently repeated tasks, automation can mean that a single mouse click replaces a multitude of clicks, typing, and other interface actions. For complex tasks, the single mouse click that starts the script can replace lengthy documentation that tells people how to perform the task. Scripts can now be integrated with Web-based FileMaker solutions. As a result, they are available in all the environments in which FileMaker databases are available (single user, FileMaker network, and Web).



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