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Part: II Modifying Templates and Databas... > Working with Calculations, Formulas,...

Hour 7. Working with Calculations, Formulas, Functions, and Repeating Fields

What You'll Learn in This Hour:

  • About Calculations, Formulas, and Functions— This section provides the basic definitions used throughout the hour.

  • Calculations In Use: The Expense Report Template— This real-life example can make the Expense Report template more useful to you.

  • Setting Calculation Storage— Setting calculation storage options can significantly impact the performance of a database.

  • Working with Repeating Fields— FileMaker can store arrays of values in repeating fields. This section shows you how this works and why you may want to use the technique. You'll see how repeating fields can be integrated with calculations.

  • Creating a Calculation— Finally, here's how you create a calculation from scratch.

Hour 6, “Validating and Auto-Entering Data,” showed you how to use FileMaker's automated tools to enter data and to validate data entered by users. This hour and Hour 8, “More on Calculations and Functions,” explore such tools further by focusing on calculations, formulas, and functions. You use them to compute data from the data already stored in your database; the results of these computations can be used in further computations, as tests for validations and If statements in scripts, and to compute the auto-entered values that you can use in database fields.



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