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Hour 4. Introducing Layouts > How to Add and Format Fields - Pg. 43

Introducing Layouts Three-Dimensional Effects 43 The third button enables you to select 3D effects for object borders. The effects are all achieved using an assumption of light coming from the upper-left of the screen. The three effects are · Embossed-- The object appears raised above the plane of the layout. It is lighter on the top and left outside edges and slightly shadowed on the right and bottom. · Engraved-- The object appears depressed into the plane of the layout. It is slightly shadowed on the inner edges of the top and left and slightly lighter on the bottom and right sides. · Drop shadow-- This effect is the traditional effect achieved with a dark line shadowing the right and bottom edges of an object. Using the Pen Controls The Pen controls are located beneath the Fill controls. You use the same types of tools to set colors and patterns. In addition, instead of setting 3D effects, you can set the line width for the pen. The pen is used to draw lines and borders around objects. (Three-dimensional effects are drawn in the pen's border area around objects, and they work best when the pen is set to transparent and a width of 2 points.) How to Add and Format Fields Much of what you may want to do with layouts at first has to do with formatting data entry fields. You may want to change the format and behavior of existing fields, or you may want to add new fields to the layout. This section shows you how to do both. Note