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Hour 19. Finishing Up: Help, Testing, an... > Testing FileMaker Solutions

Testing FileMaker Solutions

Testing your solutions is more than just checking that some sample data works as you expect it to. This section shows you how to go about testing your solutions.

Testing Lessons from Y2K

The Y2K problem really did exist. Extensive testing and remediation (at the cost of billions of dollars worldwide) helped to mitigate the problem.

For many systems—particularly older ones—there was no substitute for simply reviewing the code manually. In other cases, systematic testing was done. Because the risk of Y2K failure was significant, particularly in older systems and in industries such as financial services, testing was done on a larger scale than had been done before in many organizations.

Many bugs were found. On review, it turned out that a significant number of those bugs had nothing to do with Y2K. They were bugs that had never been noticed before for one reason or another. Only the intense testing regime uncovered them.

Even FileMaker had Y2K vulnerabilities. The issue arose in FileMaker and in many other products when people used two-digit years. In computing the number of years between two given dates, it was always easy to subtract. However, when the later two-digit year had a lower value than the earlier two-digit year (as in 04 for 2004 versus 89 for 1989), the results of these computations were erroneous. Try it yourself: 2004-1989 gives you 15. 04-89 gives you -85. This is not a problem within FileMaker itself so much as a problem that could arise with implementations that people developed without worrying about this issue.



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