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Part: III Creating FileMaker Solutions > Securing Your Solutions and Databases

Hour 18. Securing Your Solutions and Databases

What You'll Learn in This Hour:

  • About Security— More than ever, security is essential these days. It's not just about preventing unauthorized access; it's also about keeping your solutions running and protecting them from accidental or deliberate damage.

  • Overview of FileMaker Security— Totally rewritten in FileMaker 7, the new unified security model is used for individual FileMaker databases, FileMaker Server, and Web publishing.

  • Defining Accounts— The first aspect of security is setting up who can use your databases.

  • Defining Privileges— The second aspect of security is specifying what your database users can do.

  • Defining Extended Privileges— Extended privileges provide a convenient way of combining privileges into sets that can be applied to specific types of access (such as the Web, ODBC, and local area networks).

  • Turning Security On— You need to verify usernames and activate accounts to use your security model.

Databases store large amounts of data in a manner that makes it easy to retrieve and manipulate. Thus, by their very nature, they are security risks for that data. (You can argue as some do that disorganized data jammed into paper files in a closet is inherently more secure than an efficient computerized database.) In this hour, you'll see how to use FileMaker's new security model to keep your data secure yet accessible to the right people.



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