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Part: III Creating FileMaker Solutions > More About Layouts - Pg. 225

225 Chapter 15. More About Layouts What You'll Learn in This Hour: · Using Default FileMaker Layouts-- FileMaker's default layouts are powerful and complete. You may be able to use them as is or to make minor modifications that do exactly what you want. · Using FileMaker to Create Customized Layouts-- You have almost unlimited choices when you use FileMaker's layout tools. This section shows you how. · Other Layout Settings-- These settings let you configure the interface that you'll use to create layouts. Unlike other settings, these are for you, not for the end user. · Using Related Fields in Layouts-- The default layouts don't show related fields. You'll always have to customize layouts to show them. · Using Portals for Relationships-- Portals let you display (and sometimes enter or edit) data from the many sides of a relationship. Previously in this book you've seen how to make modifications to layouts in the templates. In this hour, you confront a blank or default layout for a new database. You'll see how to use FileMaker's