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Part: III Creating FileMaker Solutions > Creating a FileMaker Database

Hour 13. Creating a FileMaker Database

What You'll Learn in This Hour:

  • Database Programming— You'll find out more about the concepts of database programming in this section.

  • Creating a Database— You start by creating a database as described here.

  • Working with Field Types and Repeating Fields— This section shows you how to use FileMaker's field types such as numbers, dates, and text.

  • Exploring the Define Database Dialog— The heart of your database design is this dialog, which lets you define fields, tables, and relationships.

  • Value Lists— These lists let you store selected values for data entry as well as provide a customized sort order. You'll see how to create value lists for a new database.

  • File Options— Finally, you'll see how to set up spelling options as well as scripts to automatically run when a file is opened or closed.

In this part of the book, you'll see how to create your own FileMaker solutions. In Parts I and II, the emphasis was on using FileMaker and making changes to the templates. Now, you'll confront that most daunting of all dialogs: an empty database design dialog. You'll see how to start by creating a simple database (in this hour), and in Hour 14, “Working with Relationships,” you'll move on to relationships. Later, you'll find out more about layouts and scripts, and you'll learn about security as well as techniques for testing, maintaining, and verifying your databases and solutions.



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