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Chapter 5. What Every Developer Needs to... > Selecting the Correct Control for th... - Pg. 156

What Every Developer Needs to Know About Forms 156 Modifying Object Tab Order The tab order for the objects on a form is determined by the order in which you add the objects to the form. However, this order isn't necessarily appropriate for the user. You might need to modify the tab order of the objects on the form. To do so, select View, Tab Order to open the Tab Order dialog box, shown in Figure 5.16. This dialog box offers two options. Use the Auto Order button to tell Access to set the tab order based on each object's location in a section on the form. However, if you want to customize the order of the objects, click and drag the gray buttons to the left of the object names listed under the Custom Order heading to specify the objects' tab order. Figure 5.16. Use the Tab Order dialog box to select the tab order of the objects in each section of a form.