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Chapter 17. Optimizing Your Application > Features Built Into Jet 3.5

Features Built Into Jet 3.5

The following features are included with Jet 3.5 (Access 97):

  • Faster delete operations. Portions of a page can be removed at once, instead of having to be removed row by row.

  • Better multiuser concurrency on indexed columns. More users can read and update indexed columns without experiencing locking conflicts; indexed columns no longer contain read locks.

  • Implicit transaction processing. Whereas many people wrapped processing loops in the BeginTrans...CommitTrans construct in earlier versions of Access to limit the number of disk writes, the Jet 3.5 Engine handled this quite well on its own.

  • Large queries run faster. This is because of improvements in the transactional behavior for SQL data manipulation language (DML) statements as well as new registry settings that force transactions to commit when a certain lock threshold is reached.

  • Queries containing the inequality operator (<>) run faster.

  • Sequential reads are faster. Up to 64K of disk space can be allocated at a time.

  • Temporary queries run faster.

  • Deleting a table is faster when you use SQL DROP or SQL DELETE.

  • The amount of space occupied by indexes is reduced.

  • When you compact a database, all indexes are optimized for performance.

  • Improved page allocation mechanism. This better ensures that data from a table is stored on adjacent pages and improves the read-ahead capability.

  • Dynamically configured cache. The cache is configured at startup based on the amount of system memory available and contains the most recently used data, thereby enhancing performance.

  • ISAM support for HTML files.

  • The MaxLocksPerFile registry setting enables you to force records to commit when a certain lock threshold is hit. This speeds up the completion of large queries when data is stored on NetWare- and Windows NT-based servers.



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