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Chapter 11. Advanced Query Techniques > Practical Examples: Applying These Tech... - Pg. 466

Advanced Query Techniques 466 Security Extensions Jet 4.0 provides numerous ANSI-92 security extensions. These extensions allow you to add and remove users and groups, as well as administer passwords and permissions. The ANSI-92 security extensions are covered in detail in Chapter 28, "Advanced Security Techniques." Practical Examples: Applying These Techniques in Your Application The following are several practical applications of the advanced techniques learned in this chapter. NOTE The examples shown in this section are included in the CHAP11EX.MDB database on the sample code CD-ROM. Archive Payments After a while, you might need to archive some of the data in the tblPayment table. Two queries archive the payment data. The first, called qappAppendToPaymentArchive, is an Append query that sends all data in a specified date range to an archive table called tblPaymentsArchive (see Figure 11.44). The second query, called qdelRemoveFromPayments, is a Delete query that deletes all the data archived from the tblPayments table (see Figure 11.45). The archiving is run from a form called frmArchivePayments, where the date range can be specified by the user at runtime (see Figure 11.46). Figure 11.44. The Append query qappAppendToPaymentArchive .