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2 Chapter 1. Access As a Development Tool IN THIS CHAPTER · · · · · · · · · · Why This Chapter Is Important What Types of Applications Can You Develop in Access? Access as a Scalable Product What Exactly Is a Database? Getting to Know the Database Objects Object Naming Conventions Hardware Requirements How Do I Get Started Developing an Access Application? What's New in Access 2002 and 2003? A Practical Example of Application Design: A Computer Consulting Firm Why This Chapter Is Important In talking to users and developers, I find that Access is a very misunderstood product. Many people think that it is just a toy for managers or secretaries wanting to play with data. Others feel that it is a serious developer product intended for no one but experienced application developers. This chapter dispels the myths of Access. It helps you decipher what Access is and what it isn't. After reading the chapter, you will know when Access is the tool for you, and when it makes sense to explore other products. What Types of Applications Can You Develop in Access? I often find myself explaining exactly what types of applications you can build with Microsoft Access. Access offers a variety of features for different database needs. You can use it to develop six general types of applications: · Personal applications · Small business applications · · · · Departmental applications Corporationwide applications As a front end for enterprisewide client/server applications Intranet/Internet applications