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Chapter 4. SQL Server Basics > Editions of SQL Server Available

Editions of SQL Server Available

You can select from one of many different editions of SQL Server. In fact, the number of editions is so immense that it can be confusing to determine the appropriate edition for you. The following are the editions available and a description of the capabilities of each edition. The list also includes a description of the intended audience for each edition.

  • Enterprise Edition— This edition supports all SQL Server features and scales up to a very large number of concurrent users. Microsoft intends large workgroups and corporate enterprises to use this edition of SQL Server.

  • Standard Edition— This edition of SQL Server lacks several of the analysis tools included in the Enterprise Edition. It does not support clustering multiple servers together. Furthermore, it cannot take full advantage of parallel processing. This edition of SQL Server is ideal for small workgroups and departmental databases.

  • Personal Edition— This edition replaces the Desktop Edition in SQL 7.0. In addition to running on the more robust operating systems, such as Windows 2000 Server, the Personal Edition runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Me. Microsoft limits this edition of SQL Server to five concurrent batches (connections). The Personal Edition is therefore ideal for standalone and disconnected users.

  • Developer Edition— This edition of SQL Server sports all of the features of the Enterprise Edition. The main limitation is its licensing, which prohibits use as a production server. Microsoft intends for those developing and testing SQL Server applications to use this edition of SQL Server.

  • Desktop Engine— This edition of SQL Server was formerly known as Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE). It is a redistributable edition of SQL Server. Microsoft intends this to be the edition of SQL Server that software vendors distribute with their applications. This edition of SQL Server contains no graphical management tools, support for clustering, support for parallel processing, or any analysis services. Because of SQL Server's instancing capabilities, this edition of SQL Server can easily coexist with other versions and editions of SQL Server. Like the Personal Edition of SQL Server 2000, the Desktop Engine limits you to five concurrent batches or connections.

  • Windows CE Edition— Microsoft designed this edition of SQL Server for use on Windows CE and Pocket PC devices. The engine is different from the engine used for the other editions of SQL Server. Microsoft specifically designed it with a low memory footprint. It supports most standard queries and is capable of synchronizing with data stored in the Enterprise and Standard editions of SQL Server.

  • Enterprise Evaluation Edition— This special version of SQL Server is identical to the Enterprise Edition. Its only limitation is that it terminates after 120 days. Microsoft allows you to download this version of SQL Server from its Web site and intends for you to use it for evaluation purposes only.



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