Understanding and Implementing Formulas 185 Summary Formulas provide additional flexibility and power in creating reports through the ability to create derived fields not directly stored in available data sources. Formulas also enable the creation of advanced conditional formatting and selection formulas in a report and its objects. In this hour, we explored Crystal Report's formula capabilities and the different access points to these formulas. The new Formula Workshop provides a focal point for accessing the majority of your reporting formulas--including SQL Expressions, Record and Group Selection formulas, For- matting formulas, and Custom Report and Repository formulas. The Formula Editor, Formula Ex- pert, and Formula Extractor all provide different capabilities and facilitate the use of formulas in Crystal Reports to enable the creation of increasingly powerful and flexible Crystal Reports. Q&A Q1: A1: Do alerting formula conditions show up in the Formula Workshop or Crystal Repository? At the time of writing, alerting formula conditions were not yet part of the Formula Workshop nor the Crystal Repository. But because the product is always evolving these may well be added in a future release. Is there more information about SQL Expressions, Record and Group selections, and custom functions? Yes--more information on record and group selections can be found in Hour 15, on custom functions in Hour 17, on the Crystal Repository in Hour 18, and on SQL Expressions in Hour 22. Q2: A2: Workshop The quiz questions and activities are provided for your further understanding of the current hour's topics. Quiz 1: A1: Can custom functions be added directly into the Crystal Repository? No--custom functions must be added to a local Report Custom Function library before they can be transferred to the Crystal Re- pository. Which tool can create custom functions from existing formulas? The Formula Extractor enables the creation of a custom functions from existing formulas and facilitates the migration of the logic in those formulas into a central library--the Crystal Repository. 2: A2: Activities Now that you have had some exposure to the powerful formula capabilities in Crystal Reports, think about how these capabilities can expand the flexibility with which you can deliver professionally formatted reports to your business user community.