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Hour 20. Multidimensional Reporting Agai... > New OLAP Features in Crystal Reports...

New OLAP Features in Crystal Reports 9

This section is specifically targeted for users of previous versions of Crystal Reports. Table 20.2 lists the new OLAP oriented features of version 9 and their practical use or benefit. If you are a new user to Crystal Reports or you have not previously used the OLAP reporting features in the product, you might want to skip directly to the next section.

New 20.2. OLAP Features in Crystal Reports 9
NEW OLAP Feature Feature Benefit and Value
Filter/Page Dimension Parameter links This Productivity feature enables for the direct linking of report parameters to pages and filters in the OLAP grid. This enables the end user to dynamically specify the values of filters and pages in the OLAP grid. The feature is accessed in either the OLAP Report Creation Wizard or the OLAP Report Settings option under the Report menu.
Interactive OLAP Worksheet (Analyzer) in new Cube tab The New OLAP Analyzer feature (a Cube tab in Crystal Reports Designer) is accessed by right-clicking on an existing OLAP grid object and selecting the Launch Analyzer option. The Cube tab provides a fully functioning drag-and-drop OLAP worksheet that enables rapid selection of the most appropriate OLAP viewpoint for the Crystal Report. All changes made in the Analyzer worksheet are reflected in the associated Crystal Reports OLAP grid, where advanced formatting can be applied.
Interactive drill-down of OLAP grids in Preview Tab The OLAP grid presented in the Crystal Reports Preview tab has now been made more fully functional. In addition to having access to advanced OLAP grid functionality from the right-click button including calculations, exception highlighting, sorting, filtering, and member reordering, the OLAP grid now enables the report designer to expand (drill-down) and contract members directly from within the Preview tab.
New and improved data sources At the time of writing, it was expected that Crystal Reports 9 would have improved and flexible OLAP connectivity to Hyperion Essbase and new connectivity to SAP BW.



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