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Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET Feature Set

The features provided by Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET significantly reduce the amount of labor and effort required for data representation in custom .NET applications. These features include

  • Business Intelligence Web Services— Gives Visual Studio .NET developers the power to publish Crystal Reports as Business Intelligence Web Services, with just one mouse click.

  • Integrated Report Designer— Makes report creation and integration, in any programming language and project type that works with Visual Studio .NET, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) experience with presentation-quality results.

  • WebForms and WINForms Viewer Controls— Gives Visual Studio .NET developers C# (pronounced “C-sharp”) technology to integrate and view reports, and Business Intelligence Web Services, in any project type with a simple drag-and-drop from the development toolbar.

  • Run Time Object Model— This native Visual Studio .NET object model provides runtime customization of reports—the ability to resize and reposition objects, as well as pass report parameters and logon credentials.

  • ADO.NET Data Set Support— Developers can instantiate ADO.NET data sets at runtime within their application and programmatically set this data set as the source for a Crystal Report file.

  • Crystal Enterprise SOAP Connector— Designed to speed report integration, the Crystal Enterprise SOAP Connector allows you to extract managed reports from Crystal Enterprise to use in your .NET applications. For more information on Crystal Enterprise, refer to the Crystal Decisions web site at http://www.crystaldecisions.com/products/crystalenterprise/default.asp.



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