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Part: VII Supplemental Crystal Reports T... > Common Report Distribution Questions - Pg. 392

Common Crystal Reports FAQs and Tips 392 · Q. How do I specify the exact size of an object in a Crystal Report? A. Right-click an object in a Crystal Report and choose Object Size and Position. · Q. Why is the Select Distinct Records option sometimes unavailable? A. The Select Distinct Records command is unavailable when a report contains a memo field, an OLE object, or a hyperlinked object. Try placing these types of fields in a linked subreport, rather than the main report. · Q. Can Crystal Reports use Stored Procedures? A. Yes, this can be enabled by properly specifying the Report Options settings from the File menu. · Q. Can I group on the same field more than once in a Crystal report? A. Yes, but after you group on the actual field, try creating a formula off of the field. Then create the next group using the formula field. · Q. In older versions of Crystal Reports, I had trouble using memo fields longer than 254 char- acters. Is this still the case? A. Crystal Reports support for memo field has changed for the better in version 9, with support for memo field longer than 254 characters, which can also be used in formulas. · Q. Can Crystal Reports report off of data sources such as ADO recordsets? A. Yes, Crystal Reports can connect to active data produced by objects such as a .dll for re- porting. · Q. When trying to convert a date, what do errors like "a date is required here" mean? A. This typically indicates that you are returning your date/time fields in the wrong format based on the formula you have written. A number of FAQ resources are available on the Crystal Decisions Web site. Refer to the section on Resources for Additional Support found in this appendix for more details.