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Table D.18 lists some of the standard abbreviations used when building object names. These abbreviations are examples that you can use as is, or modify and extend as your needs require.

Table D.18. Standardized Object Name Abbreviations
Abbreviation Description
Acct Account
Actg Accounting
Addr Address
Admin Administration
Agmt Agreement
Amt Amount
Anal Analysis
Apvd Approved
Arch Archive
Arvl Arrival
Asst Assist(ant)
Atty Attorney
Auth Authorized
Avg Average
Beg Beginning
Bilg Billing
Bldg Building
Busn Business
Char Character
Comm Comment
Cont Contact
Corp Corporate, corporation
Ctrl Control
Ctry Country
Cnty County
Curr Current
Cur Currency
Cust Customer
Dept Department
Desc Description
Det Detail, details
Devlpmt Development
Disc Discount
Dlr Dealer
Empe Employee
Engrg Engineering
Exec Executive
Extd Extend, extended
Extn Extension
Fin Finance, financial
Genl General
Glbl Global
Int Interest
Intl International
Inv Inventory
Invc Invoice
Loca Location
Mfg Manufacturing
Mgmt Management
Mgr Manager
Mkt Market
Mktg Marketing
Mon Month
Mtg Meeting
Mtl Material
Mtls Materials
Num Number
Ofc Office
Ofcr Officer
Op Operation
Ops Operations
Ordr Order
Othr Other
Perd Period
Pers Personal, personnel
Phon Phone
Phys Physical
Pmt Payment
Prim Primary
Prnt Print
Proj Project
Pros Prospect, prospective
Qty Quantity
Rec Record
Recd Received
Rem Remark
Schd Schedule, scheduled
Secy Secretary
Seq Sequence
Srce Source
Stat Status
Stats Statistics
Std Standard
Sum Summary, summaries, summation
Super Supervise, supervisor
Svc Service
Titl Title
Tran Transaction
Ttl Total
Var Variable
Ver Version
Whse Warehouse
Whsl Wholesale
Xsfr Transfer
Xsmn Transmission
Xsmt Transmit



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