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Creating a Table in Table Design View

To create a table in Table Design view, follow these steps:

  1. In the Database window, double-click Create table in Design view. Table Design view opens (see Figure 8.1).


    Other Methods Instead of step 1, you can choose Insert, Table or click the New button in the database window to open the New Table dialog box. Then click Design View and then OK.

    Figure 8.1. From Table Design view, you can control the entire table creation process.

  2. Type a field name on the first empty line of the Field Name column. Then press Tab to move to the Data Type column.

  3. When you move to the Data Type column, an arrow appears for a drop-down list there. Open the Data Type drop-down list and select a field type. (If you don't make a choice, the field will be a text field by default.) See the section Understanding Data Types and Formats later in this lesson if you need help deciding which field type to use.


    Field Naming Rules Field names in Access can be up to 64 characters long and can contain spaces if you like, and any symbols except periods (.), exclamation marks (!), accent grave symbols (`), or square brackets ([]). You might want to stick with short, easy-to-remember names, however. It's also advisable to avoid punctuation marks (such as $, %, or #) in field names, because some of them have special meanings in Access code.

  4. Press Tab to move to the Description column, and type a description of the field. (This is optional; the table will work fine without it.)

  5. In the bottom half of the dialog box, you see Field Properties for the field type you selected (see Figure 8.2). Make any changes to them that you want. See Understanding Data Types and Formats later in this lesson for help.

    Figure 8.2. Field Properties change depending on the field type.

  6. If you have more fields to enter, repeat steps 3 through 6.

  7. Click the Table Design window's Close (X) button.

  8. When you're asked if you want to save your changes to the table, click Yes. The Save As dialog box appears.

  9. Type a name for the table in the Table Name text box, and then click OK.


    Switching Between Views At any time after you enter the first field, you can switch to Datasheet view to see how your table will look. Just select View, Datasheet, or click the Datasheet View button on the toolbar. You might be asked to save your work before you enter Datasheet view; if so, click Yes, enter a name, and then click OK.


    No Primary Key! When you close Table Design view, you might get a message that no primary key has been assigned. See the Setting the Primary Key section later in this lesson to learn about this.



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