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Importing a Graphic

You can place any graphic on a form, not just clip art. To place a graphic from a file on a form, follow these steps:

  1. Display the form in Form Design view.

  2. Click inside the section in which you want to place the graphic (the Form Header or Detail area).

  3. ChooseInsert, Picture, or click the Image tool in the Toolbox to insert an Image control on the form. The Insert Picture dialog box appears (see Figure 17.2).

    Figure 17.2. Choose the picture you want to import from this dialog box.

  4. If you want to see only a certain file type on the list, open the Files of type drop-down list at the bottom of the dialog box, and select the file type you want. By default, Graphics Files appears there, which includes all types of graphics files on the list, including clip art, bitmap files (created with Windows Paint program), and more.

  5. Change the drive or folder, if necessary, to locate the graphic file you want. (See Lesson 6, "Saving, Closing, and Opening a Database," if you need help navigating the drives and folders.)

  6. (Optional) If you aren't sure which file you want, click the Views button in the dialog box until the Preview pane appears. The view changes to show the currently highlighted file (see Figure 17.3). Click various files on the list to preview them before you make your selection.

    Figure 17.3. You can preview graphics before you import them.

  7. When you've found the graphic you want to import, click OK. The graphic appears on your form.

  8. Drag the graphic to the desired location.



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