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Chapter 14. Let's Get More Intimate with... > Special Report Properties - Pg. 397

Let's Get More Intimate with Reports: Advanced Techniques WARNING 397 Whenever you're working with an unbound report, you need to be careful that the record pointer remains synchronized with the report. For example, if the record pointer has been advanced and the Retreat event occurs, the record pointer must be moved back to the previous record. Order of Section Events Just as report events have an order, report sections also have an order of events. All the Format and Print events for each section happen after the report's Open and Activate events, but before the report's Close and Deactivate events. The sequence looks like this: Open(Report) Activate(Report) Format(Report Section) Print(Report Section) Close(Report) Deactivate(Report) Special Report Properties Several report properties are available only at runtime. They let you refine your report's processing significantly. MoveLayout The MoveLayout property indicates to Access whether it should move to the next printing location on the page. By setting the property to False, the printing position is not advanced.