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Chapter 10. Multiuser Applications > Adjust an Application Based on Who's Logge... - Pg. 469

In the list of users found in tblUsers, notice that there are two users that you might not have seen before: Creator and Engine. These two users are created by the Jet engine itself and cannot be used or manipulated by VBA code. As you'll see in Section 10.7.2 , you can create a Workspace object for any normal user, allowing that user to log into a new session of the Jet engine, but you can't use Creator or Engine to create new workspace objects. It's a good thing, too! Since neither can have a password (their passwords are always blank), this would otherwise provide a security breach. Because you can neither log on manually nor log on using the CreateWorkspace method with either user, these two special users don't pose a security risk. Once you know how to enumerate through collections, as shown in this solution, you should be able to apply the same techniques to other database collections and their objects. For more information, see Chapter 4. 10.6 Adjust an Application Based on Who's Logged In Problem You've secured your database so that certain classes of users can't edit data using a particular form or run a specific report, but this doesn't prevent them from trying to open the form or report and receiving a permission error. You'd like your application to adjust itself based on the current user's security level. Is there any way to accomplish this?