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Chapter 12. Form/Report Design Elements - Pg. 244

244 Chapter 12. Form/Report Design Elements In Chapter 10, "Reports," you created a report from start to finish. In Chapter 11, "Forms/Subforms," you did a complete makeover of a form, step by step. I used this soup-to-nuts approach to give you a wide-lens view of how these objects work, a picture unobtainable when form and report creation is presented as a series of separate, piecemeal tasks. There was a downside to this method, however: I didn't get to discuss many design features of forms and reports because they weren't specifically required by either project. This chapter attempts to make amends for those shortcomings. I discuss techniques and features that forms and reports share, with the focus on adding pictures and other objects. I make some general comments about good design, including the use of special effects and fonts. And I take a look at several other design elements and features that are more specific to either forms or reports. These include switchboards, which are easy-to-use forms for selecting database tasks, and snaked column reports, which give you compact, efficient hard copy. I also talk about macros. Access authors now tend to de-emphasize macros, arguing that nearly