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Chapter 2. Database Design > Organizing Fields into Tables

Organizing Fields into Tables

Let's get back to developing the Classic TV database. Table 2.6 shows the current list of fields. The list has been modified from that in Table 2.2 to reflect our bad experience with multiple actor fields in the “one-table-fits-all” solution. Thus, instead of fields for Actor Name #1, Actor Name #2, and so on there is just one Actor Name field. The same is true for Actor Gender, Actor Biography, and Character Name/Occupation.

Table 2.6. Classic TV Database
Revised Field List
FieldField DescriptionSample Value
Program NameOfficial title of showBewitched
Network Official NameOfficial name of networkAmerican Broadcasting Company
Network Popular NameAbbreviation of official nameABC
Network FounderLeading organizerLeonard Goldenson
Network NotesChronicle of eventsIn the 1950s, ABC was the…
Year StartedFirst year aired1964
Year EndedLast year aired1972
Years on AirTotal broadcast years8
Program LocationSetting where main action occursWestport, Connecticut
SynopsisMain story line of programA lovely witch meets a hapless ad exec
Program NotesOther factsThe show was based on a …
Program GenreTypeGeneral comedy
Program Genre DescriptionDefinition of program typeAll-purpose category for comedies…
Actor NameFull nameElizabeth Montgomery
Actor GenderSexFemale
Actor BiographyBackgroundElizabeth Montgomery first became…
Character Name/OccupationName and livelihood or roleSamantha Stevens/Witch



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