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Chapter 4. Viewing Records > Moving within a Record

Moving within a Record

Getting around within a single FileMaker record couldn’t be easier, but as usual, there are several ways to do it.

Using your cursor to directly select a field works best when you need to change only a couple of items within a particular record. Using the key generally works best when you’re filling in new blank records or when you want to keep your hands on the keyboard. Both methods work in either Form or List View.

To move by direct selection:

  • Double-click on any field you want to modify (left, Figure 4.16). Once the field becomes highlighted, type in your data (right, Figure 4.16). To reach another spot in the record, click your cursor on the desired field.

    Figure 4.16. To enter data or modify a field, just double-click on it and type in your data once the field is highlighted.

To move with the Tab key:

  • After a record opens, press the key to reach the first field. Continue pressing the key until you reach the desired field. To move backward among the fields, press .


  • You can’t tab to fields that contain calculations or summaries. But the contents of those fields are based on values set in other fields, so it’s not really a problem. Just keep it in mind.

  • FileMaker lets you set the tab order for all the fields in a record. Reordering the tabs is particularly handy if you need to reach only a few scattered fields within each record. For more on setting the tab order, see page 168.

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