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Chapter 15. Web Publishing > Choosing a Layout Style

Choosing a Layout Style

Layout Styles determine what your database looks like in a Web browser. Colors, text styles and graphics are all determined by the style you select. Styles are similar in appearance to the Themes that are used to create layouts in the Layout Assistant.

To choose a layout style:

In the database to be published, choose File > Sharing to bring up the File Sharing dialog box.

In the Companion Sharing area, click the Web Companion plug-in check box.

Click the Set Up Views button (Figure 15.5).

Figure 15.5. Set Up Views lets you select Web Styles for each database.

Browser Versions and FileMaker Styles

Unfortunately, not all browsers are created equal, and some are more unequal than others. Despite their being free to download, not everyone updates Web browsers to the latest version. In fact, a surprisingly large number of people—those with older computers or slow Web access—are still using browsers that can't understand JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

The range of capabilities in browsers is an important consideration when you're choosing a Web Style. Styles depend on CSS to render them. If the user accesses your database with a browser that supports CSS, the layouts will appear much as they do in FileMaker itself. On the other hand, someone using an older browser will see the layouts in Fern Green. That's because all styles except Fern Green and Blue and Gold 2 depend on CSS.

If you can't be reasonably sure that the only people who will access your database are using browser versions at least as new as Internet Explorer 3 and Netscape 4, choose only one of these two “safe” styles.

In the Web Style tab, click the Styles drop-down list and select the Web style you want to use for that database (Figure 15.6). Click Done, then OK.

Figure 15.6. Web Style determines the colors and layout you'll see in a Web browser.



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