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Chapter 19. Web Publishing with FileMaker 5.5 > Web Display Considerations

Web Display Considerations

Although databases on the Web may look very much the same as regular FileMaker files, their behavior and available options are slightly different:

  • Value list elements like pop-up lists, check boxes and radio buttons work perfectly on the Web, even if they are relational. They display as standard HTML controls (Figure 19.29). However, users cannot edit value lists with the Edit option or enter new list options with the Other option.

    Figure 19.29. Field formats like radio buttons and drop-down lists will appear the same in the Web browser as they do in FileMaker.

  • Repeating fields display just as they do in FileMaker, but Merge fields do not display at all.

  • If you specify display formats for date or number fields, they will display with that format in a Web browser. If you don't specify a format, date and number fields will display with the default format specified in the user's operating system.

  • Container fields display as a static graphic. If a container field contains a movie, the movie file must be in FileMaker's Web folder to allow users to play it in their Web browsers.

  • Web browsers ignore the tab order set in FileMaker. To change the tab order, you can use the Send Backward/Bring Forward command from the Arrange menu. Web browsers will render fields in the background before fields in the foreground.

  • The height of each row will be uniform even if field contents (like a graphics in container fields) are not.



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