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Chapter 14. Using FileMaker Pro Server > Optimizing Server Settings

Optimizing Server Settings

You can change some of the Server settings to maximize performance or make it easier for you to administer. In many cases the settings you'll need will be specific to your own database uses, hardware configuration and number of users, so you'll probably have to experiment with some of the settings before you have everything working to perfection. Optimizing requires restarting the Server to enable your changes, so be careful to do these steps when no files are being hosted to avoid damaging database files.

To optimize FileMaker Pro Server:

In the Server application, choose Edit > Preferences. The Preferences dialog box will appear, with the Guests tab active.

In the Guests tab, enter (or use the up or down arrows to set) the maximum number of users that you expect to be accessing the shared databases at the same time (Figure 14.3).

Figure 14.3. Adjust the number of users; add an extra three to five if you expect your users to grow in number.

Set the number a little higher than the current number of users to allow for growth, but don't compensate too much. The more users you specify the slower your database access will be.

Check the Disconnect Idle Guests check box.

People often forget to disconnect when they leave for the day, but if they're still connected they're wasting network and server resources.

Enter or use the up and down arrows to set the maximum amount of time a user connection can be idle before the server automatically disconnects it (Figure 14.4).

Figure 14.4. You can disconnect users who aren't actively using the server.

Don't worry that you'll accidentally cut someone off in the middle of a Find. Idle time is determined by the guest's actual use of the shared file. Clicking in a field, doing a Find or switching records resets the idle time countdown to zero.

In the Preferences dialog box, click the Files tab.

Enter the maximum number of files that Server will host (Figure 14.5).

Figure 14.5. Improve performance by lowering the maximum number of open files.

The default value of 50 might be higher than you need. Lowering the value can increase performance.

Increase the Database Cache to 10 MB.

The Database Cache has a default setting of 4 MB. This is the size of the memory block your operating system will dedicate to your database, but if you have sizable files that number is probably woefully small. The 10 MB we recommend is only a starting point. You'll probably have to experiment to find the right amount for your specific needs.

Click OK to close the Preferences dialog box when you're done.

Restart Server to put your changes into effect.



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