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Chapter 18. Importing and Connecting > Using FileMaker Mobile - Pg. 602

Importing and Connecting Tip 602 · Opening a file on a host server used to be a two-step process. You had to choose File > Open (Ctrl+O/Command-O) and then click the Hosts button in the dialog box. Now you can simply choose File > Open Remote to go directly to the Hosts dialog box. A new script step called Open Hosts offers the same convenience. Using FileMaker Mobile How many times have you wished you could access a FileMaker database you have on your com- puter when you're on the road? FileMaker Mobile lets you handle browse functions on your hand- held, and keep your changes upgraded and synched with your main database. After you've set up the plug-in software to work with FileMaker Pro and installed the software on your Palm OS-hand- held device, you can add, delete or modify records and easily keep both database versions up to date. FileMaker Mobile is emphatically not a mini-version of FM Pro. Its sole purpose is to let you access your data while on the road, and make updates when needed. There are significant limitations on the fields you can transfer to the Palm. A maximum of 20 Text, Number, Date and Time fields can be moved, and no more than 5000 records. No text field can exceed 2000 characters, and no other type of field can exceed 256 characters. Any field that exceeds these limits will simply not be loaded. In addition, you can't define new fields, create relationships or in any other way modify the structure of the original database from Mobile. To set up FM Mobile with a FileMaker Pro database: 1. 2. Make sure that you have installed the FM Mobile software, and that the Mobile Companion Palm OS file is in the FileMaker Extensions folder. Open the database you want to transfer. If you want to transfer only a portion of the records, choose View > Find Mode. Enter your criteria and click Find. Choose File > Sharing. When the File Sharing dialog box appears (Figure 18.32), select Single User, and check Mobile Companion for Palm OS in the Companion Sharing area. 3.