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Chapter 11. FileMaker and Other Programs > Using a Script to Open URLs

Using a Script to Open URLs

Many of the companies and people in your contact list have a Web page. If it lists pricing, products, or other useful data, you might want to have easy access to it when you examine the customer accounts. If you have a URL field for the entry, you can create a script to open the Web page in your default browser.

To use a script to open a Web page:

Choose Scripts > ScriptMaker.

In the Define Scripts dialog box, name the new script (we use Open Web Page) (Figure 11.25). Click Create.

Figure 11.25. Create a new script to open a Web page in a browser.

In the Script Definition Dialog box, click Clear All to delete the default script.

In the step list on the left, scroll down to Miscellaneous and double-click Open URL (Figure 11.26).

Figure 11.26. The Open URL step tells your default browser software to open.

In Options, click the Perform without dialog check box, then click the Specify button.

When the Specify URL dialog box appears (Figure 11.27), click the Field Value radio button.

Figure 11.27. The Specify URL dialog box will open the URL for the current record.

In the Specify Field dialog box, double-click the field that contains Web addresses (ours is URL) (Figure 11.28). Click OK.

Figure 11.28. Specify the field that contains your Web addresses.

If necessary, you can click the Define Fields button to create a URL field.

Click OK to save the script, then Done to finish.



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