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Chapter 4. Viewing Records > Moving from Record to Record

Moving from Record to Record

FileMaker offers you three ways to quickly jump from record to record within any file. And, as with most things in FileMaker, you have several options within each view.

Navigating records in forms

  • Click on the flipbook's pages to move forward or backward—one record at a time. Click the lower page to move forward in the sequence (Figure 4.9); click the upper page to move back. A blank upper or lower page indicates there are no more records in that direction (Figure 4.10).

    Figure 4.9. Click on the flipbook pages to move forward or backward one record at a time.

    Figure 4.10. A blank page means you've reached the end of the record sequence.

  • To quickly skip ahead or back within the records, click and drag the flipbook's bookmark bar. Dragging it down will skip you ahead in the sequence (Figure 4.11); dragging it up moves you back.

    Figure 4.11. Jump ahead in the records by grabbing the book mark bar and dragging it down ward. Dragging it upward will let you move backward through the records.

Navigating records in lists and tables

  • You can use the flipbook pages and bookmark bar in List or Table view as well (Figures 4.124.13).

    Figure 4.12. Dragging the bookmark works in the List and Table views as well. Just grab, drag, and …

    Figure 4.13. … jump ahead in your records. Note how the black highlight in the thin bar left of the records now marks the Michelle Cannon entry.

  • The List and Table views also allow you to skip from record to record simply by clicking anywhere within the records visible on your screen (Figure 4.14). This is especially handy when you need to change data in one field within each record. Clicking directly on that field will highlight it, enabling you to begin entering your new data.

    Figure 4.14. When in List or Table view, you can click directly on any field and it will become highlighted. Once highlighted, you can change a portion or all of the data within the field.


  • When you're working in List or Table view, a thin black bar just left of the records highlights the current record (Figure 4.13).

Navigating directly by record number

  • If you know the number of a particular record, you can go right to it by clicking on the current record number, typing in the desired number, and pressing (Windows) or (Mac) (Figure 4.15). Pressing will automatically highlight the current record number, allowing you to work mouse-free. This method works in Form, List, or Table view.

    Figure 4.15. You can directly enter a record number by clicking the number just below the flipbook or by pressing the key. Type in a new record number, press (Windows) or (Mac), and you're there.

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