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To check spelling:

When you have a record or layout to spell check, choose Edit > Spelling. The submenu will then offer you the choice of checking the spelling of only what you've already highlighted (Check Selection), the entire record currently on your screen (Check Record), or the records browsed in the current session (Check All) (Figure 6.1). Choose one and release your cursor and the Spelling dialog box will appear.

Figure 6.1. Found under the Edit menu, the Spelling submenu offers you three spelling selection choices.

If the dictionary says the selection is spelled correctly, click Done (top, Figure 6.2). If FileMaker suspects that the word is misspelled, it will display one or more possible replacement words (bottom, Figure 6.2). Click the one you prefer—or type in your own choice—then click the Replace and Done buttons.

Figure 6.2. The Spelling dialog box, which changes depending on whether the selection's spelled correctly (top) or seems questionable (bottom), offers seven options including seeing the word in context.

If the word isn't in FileMaker's dictionary because it's a formal name or special term, you can click Skip or Learn, and then click Done when that button appears. Clicking Learn will add the word to the current user dictionary. If you have not created a special dictionary for this file, FileMaker will automatically create one named USER.UPR and place it in the System folder (Windows) or the FileMaker Extensions folder (Mac).


  • If the field or file you're spell checking is password protected or access to it is otherwise restricted, you won't be able to change a misspelling.



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