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Chapter 5. Finding and Sorting Records > Doing a Simple Search

Doing a Simple Search

The database used for examples in this section contains house sales information for a neighborhood collected from the county assessor: the address, the most recent sales price, when the house was last sold, the square footage, etc. It's intended to show how Find allows you to search the same information in a variety of ways.

To do a simple search for one item:

You can't search for information in a particular field unless you have a layout with that field in it. Switch to the layout of your database that contains the field or fields you want to search.

Once the correct layout appears, choose View > Find Mode (Figure 5.2). Or use your keyboard: (Windows) or (Mac). A blank version of the selected layout will appear.

Figure 5.2. To start a search, choose View > Find Mode.

In our example we want to find all the houses on Pomona Avenue, so type Pomona into the Street Name field (Figure 5.3). Click the Find button in the mode status area along the left-hand side of the screen (Figure 5.1), or simply press (Windows) or (Mac). (You can also choose Requests > Perform Find but using the keyboard is much easier.) Nine records appear that contain “Pomona” in the Street Name field (Figure 5.4). Notice that the left-hand mode status area shows the number of found records (9), along with the total record count (49).

Figure 5.3. Type into any field the data you're seeking.

Figure 5.4. Once you click Find, FileMaker displays any records matching your search.



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