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Chapter 16. Networking

FileMaker's networking abilities make it easy for PCs and Macs to share the same FileMaker database file. Inevitably, layouts will not look exactly the same on each platform. And since the Windows and Mac operating systems use different default fonts—and render them at 96 dpi on Windows and 72 dpi on Macs, text may also appear a bit differently. In some cases, this will force you to add a bit more space to tight Mac-generated layouts used on Windows machines. But, overall, the FileMaker match across platforms is pretty close. Remember: To share version 5 files, everyone on the network must be using FileMaker 5.

To host a file simply means being the first user to open a shared FileMaker file. Anyone opening the file after the host is considered a guest. The host can set access rights and make file changes that guests cannot. For details, see Table 16.1, Network Rights: Host vs. Guests,. FileMaker's network access privileges, by the way, are not the same as the access rights set by Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, or the Mac OS. For information on setting Web access to FileMaker, see Publishing on the Web.

File sharing is set file by file. When a file needs to be shared, it must be set to Multi-User. By default, all FileMaker databases begin as Single User files. When a host needs to make substantial changes to a file, the file must be set back to Single User (see Table 16.1, Network Rights: Hosts vs. Guests) and guest users temporarily denied access to the file. Once the host finishes the modifications, the file can again be set to Multi-User.

Table 16.1. Network Rights: Hosts vs. Guests
Party Has Right To
Host Only
(File must set to Single User. Guests must close file.) Change file to single-user status or close shared file
Define, delete, change access rights or groups
Define fields or change field definitions
Save file copies (with Save a Copy command)
Reorder layouts
Any User
(One at a time) Edit record or layout
 Define, change value lists
 Define, change own passwords
 Define, change relationships
 Open ScriptMaker dialog box
Any User
(Any time) Find, sort, browse records
 Export, import records
 Choose a page setup and print
 Switch layout view or mode
 Check spelling



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