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Chapter 6. Working with Reports > Creating New Reports with a Wizard

Creating New Reports with a Wizard

The mass-market science magazines from the 1950s and 1960s offered a lot of predictions about what gadgets would be invented by the year 2000 to make your life easier. We still haven't received the robot maid we ordered in 1965, but we did discover a handy wizard that makes creating Access reports a snap.

To create a new report with a wizard:

Click the Reports icon in the Objects pane of the main database window and double-click Create report by using wizard.

In the first wizard window, click the Tables/Queries drop-down menu and choose the table or query you want to base your report on (Figure 6.5).

Figure 6.5. Choose a table or query for your report.

You can choose fields from more than one table or query.

Click the first field you want to add to your report and click the > button (Figure 6.6). Click Next when you're done.

Figure 6.6. Click the Add button to include fields in your report.

Click the name of a field you want to group your report by and click the > button to establish it as a group criteria. Click Next when you're ready to continue (Figure 6.7).

Figure 6.7. Use this Add button to tell Access which fields you want it to use to group records in your report.

Grouping a report by the contents of a field arranges your records according to the values in that field. For instance, if you grouped a report on books by the year they were published, all of the books from the earliest year would appear first, followed by the books from the next earliest year, and so forth.

Select which (if any) fields you want to sort your report's contents by (Figure 6.8). Use the drop-down menus to select the field(s) you want to sort on. Click Next when you're done.

Figure 6.8. Specify which fields Access should use to sort your report's contents.

The order in which you enter the fields in this screen determines their priority in sorting the report's contents.

Click the option button next to the type of report you want to create (Figure 6.9). Choose portrait (short side up) or landscape (long side up) mode. Click Next to continue.

Figure 6.9. Choose a report type and how you want the report to appear on the page.

See the "Understanding Report Types" sidebar in the preceding section for a quick rundown of the types of reports you can create.

Select a style for your report by clicking a style name in the right-hand pane (Figure 6.10). Click Next to continue.

Figure 6.10. Click the name of the AutoFormat you want to assign your report.

A preview of the style you selected appears in the left-hand pane. You'll learn how to reformat your reports later in this chapter.

Last screen! Type a name for your report in the space provided and click Finish.

If you'd rather modify your report than look at its contents, click the Modify the report's design option button.



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