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Chapter 4. Working with Forms > Creating Forms with a Wizard

Creating Forms with a Wizard

Although you can create a form from scratch by double-clicking Create a new form in Design view, why not let the powerful Access wizards do most of the grunt work for you? With the Access Form Wizard you can build a variety of forms with the click of a few buttons. You can pick the base you like best and customize it to your heart's content.

To create a form with a wizard:

Click the Forms icon in the Objects pane of the main database window.

From the list in the right pane, double-click the Create form by using wizard icon.

Click the Tables/Queries drop-down menu to select the table or query from which you'd like to add fields ( Figure 4.12 ).

Figure 4.12. You can choose tables and queries to supply fields to your new form from the Tables/Queries drop-down menu.

You can add fields from as many tables and queries as you like.

Select a field you want to add and click the > button. The field moves from the Available Fields list to the Selected Fields list. If you want to add all of the fields from a table or query, click the >> button. Click Next to continue.

The next screen asks what type of form you want to create. Click the option button next to the type of form layout you want and click Next ( Figure 4.13 ).

Figure 4.13. The wizard lets you choose which type of form you want to create.

A preview of the form type appears to the left of the option buttons.

Click the name of the style you want for your form and click Next ( Figure 4.14 ).

Figure 4.14. You can give your form a unique style.

A preview of the style appears on your screen.

Type a name for your form in the text box at the top of the screen. If you created your form based on a single table, Access puts that table's name in the box.

Click the first option button if you want to view or enter data, the second one if you want to modify your form's design. Click Finish.


If you accidentally add a field that you don't want to appear on your table, you can click the < button to remove it. If you've added fields, but want to clear the Selected Fields list and begin adding fields from scratch, click the << button.


To accept the default choices for creating forms, click Finish at any time.

Form Types

You should create a justified form whenever screen space is at a premium. By contrast, columnar forms present one record per page and are best suited for in-depth analyses where the contents of each record counts. Tabular forms are a compromise between the two extremes; they require less space than columnar forms but are easier to read than justified forms.

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