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Chapter 4. Working with Forms > Design View of a Form

Design View of a Form

1 Menu bar

The menu bar lets you get to all of the commands in Access.

2 Form header

The form header is a great place to add text describing the contents of your form, graphics that identify you and your company, controls to print the contents of your form, and the current date and time.

3 Form Detail section

The form detail section contains the fields you've used to create your form as well as any controls that relate to the fields in the section.

Figure 4.2. The Design view of a form.

4 Form footer

The form footer is the place to put any items you'd like to appear at the bottom of each page when your form is viewed or printed.

5 Form Design toolbar

The Form Design toolbar contains buttons to perform common tasks like saving your work, printing a form, and copying controls.

6 Formatting (Form/Report) toolbar

The Formatting (Form/Report) toolbar lets you change text's font and color, the color and pattern of lines you draw, and the color used to fill controls in your form.

7 Horizontal ruler

The horizontal ruler shows where your objects (and mouse pointer) are in your form.

8 Form controls

Form controls contain data from your fields, labels for those fields, and other controls you create (like the command button to output your product list to an HTML document).

9 Field list

The field list shows which fields you've included in your form.

10 Vertical ruler

The vertical ruler shows where your controls (and the mouse pointer) are located on your form.

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