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Chapter 4. Working with Forms > Specifying Properties in Forms

Specifying Properties in Forms

Every element of your form, including the form itself, has a set of attributes, or properties that you can modify to change its appearance and/or behavior. Exactly which properties are available depends on the element you're working with.

You can modify a control's properties to change how the control appears or reacts when activated (clicked, double-clicked, right-clicked, and so on). Control properties are divided into four subsets, each with its own tab in the Properties dialog box: Format, Data, Event, and Other. The All tab displays every property for the selected control.

To specify properties in forms:

Open your form in Design view and select the element whose properties you want to examine or modify.

Click the Properties toolbar button ( Figure 4.18 ). When the Properties dialog box appears, click the tab containing the subset of properties you want to examine ( Figure 4.19 ).

Figure 4.18. The Properties toolbar button.

Figure 4.19. The Build button launches tools to create expressions that define your object's properties.

Click the name of the property you want to change. If a drop-down menu button appears, click it to display a list of possible values for that property. If a Build button (a button with three dots on it) appears, click it to launch a tool for building the expression or value for that property.

Close the Properties dialog box when you're done.


If you want to display the properties for the form as a whole, click any blank spot in the body of the form before clicking Properties.

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