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Chapter 13. Publishing to the Web > Publishing Dynamic Pages

Publishing Dynamic Pages

Publishing your database objects as dynamic Web pages is very similar to publishing them as static pages, although you need to make a few more decisions about where the data will come from and what identification and password (if any) the user will need to enter to open the page.

To publish dynamic pages:

Click the object you want to publish as a dynamic page and choose File > Export.

The Export Table To navigation window appears ( Figure 13.4 ).

Figure 13.4. The Export navigation window also helps you create dynamic Web page.

Navigate to the directory in which you want to publish the dynamic page, and type a name for the page in the File name text box.

Click the Save as type drop-down menu button ( Figure 13.5 ), choose Microsoft Active Server Pages, and click Save.

Figure 13.5. Select Microsoft Active Server Pages from the list of file types.

In the HTML Output Options dialog box, click Browse, navigate to the directory containing the template you want to use for your Web page ( Figure 13.6 ), and click OK.

Figure 13.6. Choose a template to apply to your data access page.

In our installation of Access the built-in templates are located in C:\ Program Files\ MicrosoftOffice\ Templates\ 1033\ Webs\ . In the final release, the directory will probably be named C:\ Program Files\ Microsoft Office\ Templates\ Webs.

In the Data Source Name text box of the ASP Output Options dialog box ( Figure 13.7 ), type the name of the object supplying the data for your .asp page.

Type a user name and password (if desired) to limit the availability of your page.

Type the URL (Uniform Resource Locator, or Web address) of your dynamic page.

Type the number of minutes for the server to wait before closing the connection with computers requesting the .asp file.

If your server slows down due to increased traffic, try decreasing the time from the default of five minutes to three minutes.

Click OK.

Access publishes your object as a dynamic Web page.



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